Vegetable Gardens for the Pacific Northwest

Vegetable Gardens for the Pacific Northwest

Building Beautiful and Productive Organic Gardens

Some projects that are fun and hugely productive, gardens meant to feed people are absolutely on the list. When they come up we combine a few disciplines to create a beautiful and productive garden. We’re dedicated to helping you grow as much as possible per square foot while having an exceptional gardening experience. 

Experience the Benefits of Organic Gardening

At Seattle Wood, we believe in the power of organic gardening to create sustainable, healthy, and vibrant spaces for families. We understand the value of organic practices in nurturing the environment and promoting the well-being of your loved ones. By embracing organic gardening principles, we can help you create a garden that is free from harmful chemicals, provides nutrient-rich produce, and contributes to the overall health of your family and the ecosystem.

Whether you are interested in a garden that gives your family the experience of raising their own food, or if there are certain veggies that you just love to have fresh, gardens rock.

Gardens can be scaled to your needs and interest levels and Seattle Wood wants to help you design it. Here are some things we can incorporate:

  • Design, build, and have beds filled with 100% organic material
  • Install irrigation, timer, and endpoints (Sprinklers, drippers, etc.)
  • Help with choosing and planting varieties good for Seattle area micro-climates. 
  • Check-ins can be done weekly or as needed.  We use this time to fine-tune watering, weeding, and more.