Drying Your Teak Patio Furniture: A Simple Hack for Rainy Days

Drying Your Teak Patio Furniture: A Simple Hack for Rainy Days

The Puget Sound Weather Challenge

Living in the Puget Sound area comes with its fair share of weather surprises. One moment it’s sunny, the next it’s a little overcast and before you know it – drizzle or rain. Rain can be a real hassle, especially when it comes to your teak patio furniture.

The Ideal Drying Method

Teak furniture, in particular, needs some TLC when it gets wet. In this rainy climate, living our busy lives, our furniture gets wet and we have to do our best. Sometimes when it starts raining we’ve got a chair or two exposed and they get wet. But covering while damp is exactly where mold starts.

The Leaf Blower Solution

Here’s where a leaf blower can [help] save the day. When the patio furniture gets soaked, I pull them under cover, and when it stops often enough I’ll grab a leaf blower and blow the water off. It acts like a giant hair dryer, my thinking of course being to give wood more time to dry. I aim the blower at the furniture from a bunch of angles—top, bottom, and sides—to get as much off as I can. Then let them sit and dry completely before recovering.

Benefits of Using a Leaf Blower

Using a leaf blower accelerates the drying process simply by blowing off any excess water, allowing you to cover your furniture before the next rain hits. This quick and effective method may help you keep your teak chairs and tables drier, despite our frequent rain.


Next time the rain catches you off guard, remember this simple hack. With your trusty leaf blower, your patio furniture will be dry and ready to be covered in no time, regardless of the Puget Sound’s unpredictable weather.

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