Teak Outdoor Furniture

It is almost Summer in the PNW: is your pool or patio furniture ready?

If it is grey, has black spots or the corners and joinery are showing wear then chances are the furniture needs some TLC.

Teak is used for nice outdoor furniture as well as for use in marine, or boating environments because it can withstand weather, but it is not weatherproof. If it gets too dry, stays wet, and isn’t cleaned, the sun and moisture can make it look bad. Gross even.  When that happens it should be cleaned, repaired (If needed), sanded (Maybe lightly), and then protected with a seal at a minimum. 

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Seattle Teak Furniture Cleaning + Refurbishment
Seattle Wood Teak Support

Revive and Restore Your Outdoor Teak Furniture with Seattle Wood

Welcome to Seattle Wood, your trusted partner in the restoration and refurbishment of outdoor teak furniture. We understand the value of your investment and the desire to maintain the beauty and longevity of your teak furniture. Whether it’s a patio, poolside, or outdoor setting, our expert team is here to help bring your furniture back to life, ensuring that you can continue to enjoy its splendor for years to come.

Preserve Your Investment in Outdoor Teak Furniture

Outdoor teak furniture is renowned for its durability, timeless appeal, and ability to withstand various weather conditions. However, without proper maintenance, teak furniture can gradually lose its luster and become worn and weathered. That’s where Seattle Wood comes in. We specialize in revitalizing teak furniture, breathing new life into your cherished pieces and protecting your investment.

Expert Refinishing and Refurbishment Services

Our team of skilled craftsmen has extensive experience in refinishing and refurbishing teak furniture. We employ a meticulous process to restore the natural beauty of the wood, removing grime, stains, and weathering while preserving the unique characteristics and rich patina of teak. Whether your furniture requires a simple touch-up or a complete restoration, we have the expertise and tools to deliver exceptional results.

Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Needs

At Seattle Wood, we understand that each piece of outdoor teak furniture is unique, with its own story and wear patterns. That’s why we offer personalized solutions to meet your specific needs. Our team will assess the condition of your furniture and recommend the appropriate refinishing and refurbishment techniques to restore it to its former glory.

Enhancing Longevity and Beauty

Our goal is not only to restore your outdoor teak furniture but also to enhance its longevity and beauty. We use high-quality products and finishes that protect the wood from UV rays, moisture, and other environmental factors. Our skilled craftsmen will ensure that every detail is attended to, from sanding and repairing any damaged areas to applying a protective finish that enhances the natural warmth and character of the teak.

Revitalize Your Outdoor Living Space with Seattle Wood

Don’t let your investment in outdoor teak furniture go to waste. Seattle Wood is here to help you maintain and restore the beauty of your cherished pieces. Whether you have a small patio set or an extensive poolside ensemble, our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional craftsmanship and personalized service.

Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and let us revive your outdoor teak furniture. Experience the transformation as we bring back the original splendor and extend the life of your beloved pieces. With Seattle Wood, your outdoor living space will once again be a haven of comfort and beauty.

If You Need To Clean Your Furniture Between a Service

Take three quarts of water and add a cup of Castile soap to the water and mix it a little.  Then add roughly a quart of white vinegar to the water. You now have a cleaning solution that will clean the moss, algae, mold and mildew off your furniture and it is environmentally safe.  

Castile Soap – Castile soap is an olive oil-based hard soap made in a style similar to that originating in the Castile region of Spain. You can find it at Safeway and Fred Meyer in a small bottle (More than enough for a set of furniture).

White vinegar – White vinegar is a versatile and effective cleaning agent due to its acidic nature, which helps break down dirt, grime, and mineral deposits. It can be used to clean a variety of surfaces, including countertops, glass, and tile, leaving them sparkling clean. Additionally, white vinegar has natural antibacterial properties, making it an ideal choice for disinfecting surfaces without harsh chemicals. Its eco-friendly and non-toxic properties make it a popular choice for environmentally conscious cleaning routines.

I like to use a stiff, plastic-bristled brush – never a wire brush.















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