Teak Outdoor Furniture in Seattle [King County]

Teak Outdoor Furniture in Seattle [King County]

Need to have your teak furniture restored? Seattle Wood is here to help!

Email a photo of your furniture to seattlewoodco@gmail.com and we will respond with a preliminary quote to restore the furniture within 24hrs. The quote will be based on size, type of furniture and number of pieces. When our team arrives, we will inspect the furniture for damage, or other areas of concern. We’ll provide an updated price, if needed, when we arrive.

We like to make sure people understand what they are going to experience during the visit along with the visual difference between maintained and unmaintained furniture. Particularly for teak outdoor furniture in Seattle.

Most new clients have grey or black furniture with splotches and dots of various colors. In the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere else this is going to be moss and algae eating or living on the teak. They eat the softer veins leaving tiny grooves, which are the exposed grain of the teak. When the sun is warm if you lay a towel over it you can get by but the plants and animals living on the furniture are slowly decomposing it.

Maintenance stops the problem by getting rid of the moss and algae by cleaning it thoroughly before applying the best layer of protection available on the planet.

Depending on your choices we will clean the furniture on-site, or remove it to restore in our space. When restoring on-site we move the furniture to a place where each piece is cleaned with a solution of white vinegar and Castile soap with water. A stiff plastic brush is used to scrub plants and animals off the furniture. We scrub with the grain and use non-staining plastic bristled brushes. Once a piece is completed it is rinsed and set off to dry before the next piece is started. We like to set furniture in the sun on a plastic sheet to help promote drying, but they can be left under cover to dry over a longer period given our PNW weather.

If the wood is too dark from the weather we can lighten it back for clients who prefer more of a light honey-colored finish. When that is the case, some customers prefer us to take the furniture away to our shop to sand before bringing it back looking beautiful.

Once furniture is dry it is ready to get a coat of protection. The furniture is already sitting on a plastic sheet to make sure we don’t get a drop on your patio or wherever we’ve set up. We like to use Semco teak products. They are primarily used in the Marine industry probably but should be used by more homeowners. One of the characteristics that make teak such a great wood for outdoor products is the oil in the wood itself. Our strategy is to clean and protect the wood, thereby maintaining its natural oil. We put a light coat of Semco on every inch so the furniture doesn’t lose any oil, thereby protecting your investment.

We also do wood repairs and can help replace and repair damaged parts like hinges, pneumatic springs or other hardware.

Email a photo of your furniture to seattlewoodco@gmail.com and we will respond with a preliminary quote to restore the furniture within 24hrs.


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