Tacos and Patio Tune Ups

Tacos and Patio Tune Ups

Being that it is Friday and the weather particularly Springlike, I opted for tacos. There is a food truck in Bellevue, on 148th that makes me so happy when that buzzer goes off. When it vibrates in my pocket I know the cilantro and onions with the salsa on my tacos will again course through my veins. The weather is looking pretty good. Warm. Made me think of summer and picnics, other places to eat outdoors.

I get to try out food all over the metro area. Also, depending on the gig, I sometimes just take in the view while eating whatever has ended up making it into my lunch bag (STS). Depending on traffic, schedule, etc. I sometimes take it home and eat on a deck. Today, I savored two carne asada tacos with a spicy salsa, some lime and lots of onions, and potatoes on my deck while looking at the trees. I have sanding and other things to do, but I need the flavor refresher and food. They rocked.

The thing of it is, I saw a couple of things that reminded me I have some of my own tuning up to do, which is what got me thinking about this post as I ate my tacos. Tune up your patios before Summer hits. It will be too hot, you will be too busy and the bugs will be much more prolific. :/

Take a few minutes to evaluate the digs. Are you ready to host a party or does the furniture look like it is morphing into the PNW scenery? Are there ferns growing on furniture or out of your deck? “Don’t throw it out and don’t continue the neglect” I type out as I mentally schedule my own chores.

Do you feel like you can go out and sprawl on your patio furniture on a sunny warm day, or does that make you wonder if moss stains clothing? Let’s set up a visit, or check out these cleaning recommendations.


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