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Refinish outdoor teak furniture


It is almost Summer in the PNW: is your pool or patio furniture ready?

If it is grey, has black spots or the corners and joinery are showing wear then chances are the furniture needs some TLC.

Teak is used for nice outdoor furniture as well as for use in marine, or boating environments because it can withstand weather, but it is not weatherproof. If it gets too dry, stays wet and isn’t cleaned the sun and moisture can make it look like yours.  When that happens it should be cleaned, repaired (If needed), sanded (Maybe only lightly), and then protected and finished.  If you have a couple of pieces or more that you’d like us to look at, sign up or give us a call, text or email. We will look at the furniture and give you a written estimate at no charge (Pricing shown is illustrative per piece for cleaning).

We use Semco Teak Products

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