Seattle Woodies

Seattle Wood has embraced the style for modular ADUs, custom trailers and tiny homes, partially to capitalize on using recycled materials like aircraft aluminum and reclaimed wood in paneling and other trim areas.

We design and fabricate components to support mobile adventures, vacation retreats and modern-day homesteaders.

  • Aircraft grade recycled aluminum
  • Painted or bare metal, mix-n-match woods to taste
  • Single or multi-trailer configurations
  • Built off-site, delivered and set up anywhere.

Another component used by Seattle Wood for our Woodies is access to light. For decades, the Woodie typically had fairly vertical windows that let in a lot of light. In that spirit, our Woodies also fundamentally are designed to take advantage of windows to leverage both passive heat and light.

  • 5′ x 9′ Does not obstruct rearview mirror on trucks and SUVs
  • 8′ x 33′
  • others

Tiny homes, housing pods, and the like – homes built on trailers before being delivered to customers can make a lot of sense. It is faster to build inside and generally speaking, buyers should get a better quality, albeit smaller product. But smaller also means less cleaning, more money in your pocket resulting in an improved standard of living. What’s more, you can move it when you want and that may be a good option for many.

The cost to build a traditional home with a quarter acre of land or more is multiples higher than a generation ago and there are other cons to pursuing a traditional home. This one can be pulled with a truck or tractor out of harms way, but it is also designed with 1st grade fire protection and lightweight standard integrated paneling that will withstand the heat of a blowtorch without catching fire as well as deliver up to an R-34-R42 level of insulative efficiency.

Homes, whether tiny or not, today need to be hugely efficient. When talking about Tiny Homes that are relatively mobile this means integrating multiple systems so the user can stay warm, cool, have clean water, electricity, manage internet, phone, wi-fi and Bluetooth signals and much more. For example, we design homes so they can be connected to city sewer, septic tank and other methods easily.