Sunny Days and Happy Hens: Positioning Chicken Coops in the Pacific Northwest

Sunny Days and Happy Hens: Positioning Chicken Coops in the Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is a haven of natural beauty, abundant greenery, and the ideal environment for raising chickens. If you’re a backyard poultry enthusiast in this stunning region, you’re in for a treat! The key to happy, healthy hens in the Pacific Northwest is all about finding that perfect spot for your chicken coop, harnessing the power of sunshine and using innovative shed-style rooves. Let’s embark on this delightful journey and discover the secrets to positioning chicken coops for maximum benefit.

1. Seattle: Start your poultry adventure in the Emerald City, where the misty mornings might make you question sunshine’s power. But don’t be fooled – when the sun graces Seattle, it’s a game-changer. Position your coop so that the shed-style roof is south-facing. This will capture the precious rays for most of the day, helping to keep your flock warm and cheerful.

2. Portland: Just south of Seattle, the city of roses offers its unique charm and climate. Embrace your inner eco-warrior and install solar panels on your coop’s shed-style roof. This eco-friendly power source is perfect for keeping your chickens cozy and your conscience clear.

3. Anacortes: Anacortes, Washington’s moderate climate may have you wondering about sunny spots. Look for a location that receives ample morning sun, as it’s a great way to kickstart your chickens’ day with a burst of energy.

4. Eugene: This Oregon gem is known for its green landscapes and sustainable living. When positioning your coop, consider having windows on the south side. These windows can let in the gentle warmth of the sun while offering a picturesque view.

5. Cle Elum: Cle Elum’s sunny disposition is ideal for raising happy hens. Use a reflective material on your shed-style roof to make the most of the sunshine. It’s like giving your chickens their very own sunbathing spot!

6. Spokane: In eastern Washington, Spokane’s continental climate brings a mix of weather. Position your coop on higher ground to catch more sun. Ensure the roof has good insulation to retain that warm sunlight during the colder months.

7. Salem: As you enter the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, make sure your shed-style roof has a slight slope. This ensures that snow and rainwater run off, leaving your hens basking in sunshine.

8. Bellingham: Located in the northernmost part of the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham can be a bit damp. Embrace the sunshine by painting your coop in bright, cheerful colors. It will both reflect the sun’s rays and lift your spirits on those cloudy days.

9. Bremerton: The Bremerton, Washington is a place of great decisions and sunlit visions. Ensure your shed-style roof has well-placed vents for proper airflow. This prevents overheating during the summer and helps maintain a pleasant environment for your chickens.

10. Silverdale: In Silverdale, you’ll experience long summer days and short winter ones. Position your coop so it gets a generous dose of the midnight sun in summer, while ensuring it’s well-insulated to keep your chickens snug in winter.

In addition to harnessing sunshine’s warmth for your chicken coop, remember that it also plays a vital role in your hens’ well-being. Sunshine is a natural source of vitamin D, which helps your chickens maintain strong bones and healthy egg production. Happy hens mean healthier eggs!

When it comes to the positioning of your coop, remember that chicken happiness revolves around having space to forage, dust baths, and explore. Ensure your chickens have enough room to roam, and they’ll reward you with a constant supply of fresh, delicious eggs.

So, whether you’re in the heart of a bustling city like Seattle or nestled in the quiet beauty of Bellingham, harnessing the power of sunshine with shed-style rooves is the secret to happy, thriving chickens. And happy chickens mean an abundant supply of fresh eggs, making your Pacific Northwest poultry adventure a sunny success!


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