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How to Find New Projects

Create a Free Profile and Get Listed!

Our platform operates like many listing services. 'Tradespeople', 'contractors' and freelancers can individually or as companies with multiple employees list their services and portfolios.   This platform also lets users chat and bid or respond to other users who may be looking for services, or employees. Users can post services and portfolios of past projects with photos.

Everything can be linked back to your website or social media accounts to help promote your business even more.

  • Get Your Profile Filled Out

    How Can We Stand Out More?

    Current information from tradespeople provides us with a better list of sources and service providers in the region. Our clients and other users can search for options on our site.

    The more information users have the easier it is for them to reach out. This is one of the reasons we encourage users to create portfolios - like a photo blog post of a project that users can see. Services are what you sell, the portfolio is the brochure for each of your skills, services, craftsmanship, etc. Your profile ties it all together with background and more.

  • Create Service Offerings + Portfolios

    How Can We Make Sure We're Seen?

    Create service listings and or post portfolios. You can link both to websites or social media accounts to help promote yourself.  It's free. It can help website SEO among other benefits - Like being contacted by someone to do a  project! 

  • Use Both Employer + Freelancer Profiles

    Double Your Value

    Each user can opt to be an employer or freelancer as a default, but users still have the ability to take advantage of the alternate profile tools. For example, as a Contractor you may opt to be listed as a freelancer (General Contractor, etc.), but you can still click on the top profile icon and jump over to the employer profile.  This enables the user to hire, list projects, offer services and promote them all from one account.