Guidelines for Listing Profiles, Portfolios, Jobs, or Services

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Guidelines for Listing Profiles, Portfolios, Jobs, or Services

Please be guided with our rules for creating content and image assets.

  • Fill in all the fields applicable to the offering.
  • Ensure the content and description is unique (not copied).
  • Ensure you use complete sentences (Grammarly is free). 
  • Ensure that URLs are HTTPS and point to the correct site.
  • Make your profile, service and portfolio page look professional.
  • Reference other companies in your content accurately using their official logos.
  • Refrain from using line breaks, symbols, special characters, or HTML tags
  • Profile images should be 255 x 255 pixels
  • Profile Banner should be 1920 x 400 pixels

Use of offensive, obscene, or defamatory language will not be tolerated and may result in account suspension.

Content with pixelated or used of unofficial or inappropriate images will be removed and may result in account suspension if it occurs too frequently.

If you submit a screenshot, image, video you grant us the right to use it in the ordinary course of our business to administer and manage your Listing, and you agree to follow these guidelines:

  • Ensure screenshots display the software’s real user interface.
  • Ensure the video audio is recorded in English.
  • Ensure the video is about the Service.
  • Ensure the video is a valid YouTube link.
  • Do not use any stock images or marketing jargon in your screenshots.
  • Do not use any images, or content that violates other’s privacy.

We reserve the right to amend these guidelines at any time by posting notice of such change on our site. Your use of our site and/or services constitutes your acceptance of our guidelines.

We look forward to your cooperation to help build a more sustainable and valuable community here at Seattle Wood.

Feel free to contact us for further clarifications and assistance with these guidelines.