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Custom Furniture:

What are the different types of joinery used in custom furniture? (dovetail, mortise and tenon, biscuit, dowel)

Dovetail joints use interlocking angled cuts for a strong and durable joint. Mortise and tenon joints use a tongue-and-groove method for a strong and traditional look. Biscuit joints use a small wooden piece to connect two boards. We use these and many others.

What are the most common wood types used in custom furniture? (oak, maple, walnut, cherry, CVG Douglas Fir)

Oak is a hard and durable wood with a prominent grain pattern. Maple is a light and smooth wood that takes stains well. Walnut is a dark and rich wood with a straight grain. Cherry is a warm and reddish wood with a fine grain.

What are the different finishes available for custom furniture? (oil, wax, lacquer, varnish, epoxy). We only use non-toxic stuff. Our epoxy is safe to eat off of.

Oil finishes penetrate the wood for a natural and matte look. Lacquer finishes are glossy and protective. Varnish finishes are durable and resistant to scratches.

What is a live edge table?

A live edge table is a table made from a single slab of wood, with the natural edge of the tree forming one or more of the table’s sides.

What is a wood slab table?

A wood slab table is a table made from a single, large piece of wood, often featuring a live edge, that is used as the tabletop.

Wood. We very often use CVG Fir and Cherry or other combinations. If we use plywood for a project, it’s typically either a thin back, or structural (3/4″ marine) plywood with a nice cabinet grade veneer on one side. We don’t use MDF.

What types of wood are best for built-in bookshelves? (pine, cherry, maple)

Pine is a relatively inexpensive option with a soft, knotty texture. Cherry and maple are harder woods that have a finer grain and a richer look.

What are some design considerations for building a chicken coop?

A chicken coop should be secure from predators, have good ventilation, and provide adequate space for the number of chickens it will house.

What materials are commonly used for pet enclosures like catios? (wood, wire mesh, PVC)

Wood is a popular material for the structure of a catio, while wire mesh or PVC can be used for the sides or windows.

What is an indoor cat walkway?

An indoor cat walkway is a built-in feature that allows cats to move freely throughout a home, typically above ground level.

What materials are typically used for elevated cat walkways? (wood, PVC, metal brackets)

Elevated cat walkways can be constructed using wood, PVC, or metal brackets, depending on the desired look and strength.

Catio or Pet Enclosure Q+A

What is a catio? Answer: A catio is an outdoor enclosure that is designed to keep cats safe while they enjoy the outdoors.

Why might someone want a catio for their cat? Answer: A catio can provide a safe and secure outdoor space for cats to enjoy fresh air, sunshine, and exercise without the risks associated with allowing them to roam freely outdoors.

What are some common features of a catio? Answer: Common features of a catio include mesh walls and roof to prevent escape and protect from predators, perches, scratching posts, and hiding spots for cats, as well as access points for humans.

Can catios be custom built to suit different needs and preferences? Answer: Yes, catios can be custom built to fit specific spaces and accommodate different numbers of cats or preferences for features.

What are some popular materials used to construct catios? Answer: Popular materials used to construct catios include wood, PVC pipe, wire mesh, and sometimes fencing or clear polycarbonate panels.

Can catios be used in all climates? Answer: Yes, catios can be used in all climates but may require additional insulation, heating, or cooling depending on the weather conditions.

Are there any safety precautions to keep in mind when building a catio? Answer: Yes, safety precautions when building a catio include ensuring that all materials used are pet-safe, using non-toxic paints and stains, and ensuring that there are no gaps or escape routes that cats can use to escape.  Make sure they do not interfere with your home’s safety.

What are some additional features that can be added to a catio to make it more enjoyable for cats? Answer: Additional features that can be added to a catio include cat-friendly plants, bird feeders, and toys.

Can catios be used for other pets besides cats? Answer: Yes, catios can be adapted to accommodate other small animals like rabbits or guinea pigs.


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