Thank You & Welcome (To the FAQ page)!

Seattle Wood offers a comprehensive range of services, from handyman capabilities to teak furniture refinishing, deck repairs, custom woodworking, painting, and more. We excel in things like work order management and of course, maintaining your facility to its highest potential. Expect top-notch quality, attention to detail, and personalized service.

Say goodbye to contractor juggling – trust Seattle Wood to realize your vision efficiently and effectively.

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions:

1. What services does Seattle Wood offer?

Seattle Wood takes care of homes and businesses in Seattle. Often means everything from providing a weekly or bi-weekly cleaning team to refinishing outdoor woodwork and things like teak furniture, as well as painting this room or that or doing updates to rooms and other parts of the property from one season to the next.

We even make high-end custom chicken coops and build architectural components, like fireplace mantels.

Seattle Wood offers people an easy-to-use way to solve problems for their homes and businesses quickly, and we sell that as a service.  

2. Do you provide free estimates for your services? 

Yes. Try us out! Here’s a form for projects.

3. How experienced are your craftsmen in handling various handyman tasks?

Some things we’ve been doing on and off with varying frequency for over 30 years and we try new things every day. We can probably answer those questions pretty easily but it would be a long list of each for a webpage. 

4. Can you explain your process for teak outdoor furniture refinishing?

After inspecting each piece and discussing the project with the owner, they are cleaned, sanded, sealed, and finished before being delivered or stored for future delivery. We clean furniture with absolutely biodegradable products. 

5. What types of deck, stair, and rail repairs do you specialize in?

We do a fair amount of deck repairs, including repairs to stairs (Usually treads) for decks. Rails, treads, posts, and aprons are typically what needs attention. Look for popped boards on Ipe panels from broken screw heads (Underneath) where buyers didn’t get a good install crew.

Look for moss/mold on the surface. Despite what people are told about Ipe’s strength, Moss will eat an Ipe deck for lunch. 

6. Architectural Components

Seattle Wood can help you embellish your project with architectural details, including fireplace mantels, molding, pilasters, wainscoting, lintels, pediments, coffered ceilings, and paneling.  

7. Do you offer custom casework services?

We do custom casework, for example where a client may want built-in bookcases on either side of a fireplace or to match a Craftsman through more modern styles.

We do an occasional (Single cabinet) project. There are lots of cabinetmakers in Seattle who will do a better, faster job on your kitchen upgrades or remodels. We’re happy to introduce and refer you.

8. What kind of materials do you use for baseboard, molding, and trim work?

Seattle Wood uses MDF and solid wood as required by the project. We definitely love to see beautiful wood grain, but it is important to use the right material for the right job. We cope joints as needed for things like crowns, and glue all outside joints regardless of material. 

9. Can you help with color selection for painting services?

We are not designers, but happy to toss out an opinion.

10. What size projects do you typically handle for home and small business facility management?

  • Cleaning and finishing patio furniture
  • Floors swept/mopped, lavatories cleaned, and more.
  • Paint/refinish deck and ad-hoc paint on exterior
  • Painting a room in a retail store
  • Update bathrooms
  • Update paint and baseboard in 2-3 rooms of home
  • Rental turnaround

 11. How long does it usually take to complete a project?

Projects on average take four days. 

12. Do you provide ongoing maintenance services for facilities?

We provide one-time and ongoing maintenance services for facilities as well as Teak furniture.  

13. Are handymen licensed and insured?

We are licensed, bonded, and insured.

Cleaners are licensed and insured as well.

14. What sets Seattle Wood apart from other handyman and facility management companies in the area?

  • Seattle Wood provides an easy-to-use way for people to solve problems for their homes and businesses quickly. We sell that as a service.
  • We look out for our clients whether they are a family, a local hangout, or a brand.
  • First Aid/AED/CPR certified for emergencies. 

15. Can you provide references or examples of past projects?

We provide references to clients in person. Examples of projects can be seen here.

16. Do you offer any warranties or guarantees on your work?

Our work quality rocks. We perform as expected and if a client isn’t happy with our work we fix the problem. 

17. How do you handle unexpected issues that arise during a project?

Depends absolutely on the issue and the project, but each account has a primary point of contact to simplify communications and can be reached 24/7.

18. What payment options do you accept?

Cash, checks, and credit cards (Visa and Master Card)

19. Are there any seasonal considerations for outdoor projects?

Things like painting outside in winter should be thought about.

20. Do you offer any discounts for repeat customers or large projects?

Repeat and monthly customers often get reduced rates. Clients subscribing to our maintenance plans receive discounts on things like teak furniture refinishing.  

21. How far in advance do I need to schedule services?

Spring Update: We are about 2-3 days out on estimates that require new customer visits. 

Licensed, insured, and bonded Washington state contractor: SEATTWC776KA