Outdoor Teak Furniture

Cleaning Teak, The Right Way

One of our standout services is our teak cleaning process. Utilizing a blend of techniques, we provide thorough scrubbing that penetrates deep into exposed grain without damaging the wood. In fact, the cleaners we use are so gentle they won't harm your flowers and are considered ridonkulously, 'green'.

How Not to Break Your Wooden Chairs: A Lesson from the Past

Ever wondered why our grandparents always told us not to lean back in wooden chairs? While teachers were worried about us getting hurt, our grandparents were also protecting their precious furniture. Leaning back puts all the weight on the back legs, stressing the wood and causing cracks over time. If you spot a crack in your wooden chair, assess the damage and consider professional repair. Seattle Wood offers free estimates to help restore your cherished pieces. Remember, a gentle reminder to guests can keep your chairs sturdy for years to come.

Elevate Your Facility with Service from Seattle Wood

Streamlined Client Experience Seattle Wood understands the importance of transparency and efficiency in our client interactions. Our ‘client zone’ gives clients a Work Request form, access to past project details, and fast access to more services. It enables clients to easily communicate their needs and preferences while keeping us organized enough to deliver everything on....

Tacos and Patio Tune Ups

Being that it is Friday and the weather particularly Springlike, I opted for tacos. There is a food truck in Bellevue, on 148th that makes me so happy when that buzzer goes off. When it vibrates in my pocket I know the cilantro and onions with the salsa on my tacos will again course through....

Transforming Distressed Teak Furniture: A Clean and Beautiful Solution

Outdoor furniture, particularly teak can add elegance and functionality to any outdoor space. However, over time, exposure to the weather, particularly here in the Pacific Northwest and neglect can leave these pieces looking worn and weathered. The most recent project we’ve taken in from Capital Hill had small ferns growing out of the feet protectors....